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Feb 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
a demonstrator fuels anger in egypt. syria's opposition tries to bring law and order to the streets of aleppo with a new police force. spain's prime minister denies receiving secret payments in a growing corruption scandal. and find out what drove a member of this japanese pop group to shave her head and apologize to her fans. welcome to the program. the french president francois hollande says his army will stay in mali until sovereignty is restored. he made the pledge on a triumphant trip to the country days after french troops ousted the rebels from the last of the three main northern cities they'd occupied. hollande got a hero's welcome visiting timbuktu. jackie is in timbuktu for us. not quite mission accomplished but it seems like hollande was welcomed, indeed. >> yes. francois hollande saw this as a mission of three stages to prevent the rebels from continuing their advance south, to recapture towns taken by the rebels and restore territorial integrity sovereignty to mali. the third part of the mission will take much longer. let's take a look at the president's day in tim puck to - timb
Feb 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
of aleppo, they say they've captured a government base near an international airport, improving their chances of capturing the city. here's our correspondent. >> syrian rebel fighters say they have captured a vital military installation, the 80th regiment air defense complex east of aleppo. its job was to defend aleppo's international airport and air base, less than two kilometers away. seizing the regiment could be decisive to rebels in aleppo and bring them close to their goal of controlling the city. >> we made advances and were able to break the air base's first defense mechanism, which is important because it's the main artery of aleppo. >> according to the rebels, the fight to take over the 80th regiment after they managed to get into the base took no more than two hours. several soldiers and pro government loyalists were killed. the rebels say increasing defection is forcing the army to get help from pro-government militias. >> soldiers know nothing but to escape. they were hiding within walls and escape
Feb 23, 2013 2:00pm PST
>> as the battle for aleppo intensifies, serious main mainition force -- syria's opposition force. the three national coalition says missile strikes continue to kill hundreds of civilians. coming up, the vatican condemns the media for what it calls us up and slander -- a gossip and slander. the spanish kings son-in-law is jeered by protesters as he faces a judge over fraud claims. uncertainty and frustration mounts venezuela at the opposition demands to know if president chavez is fit enough to rule. >serious main opposition said it is pulling out of talks -- syria's main opposition said it is pulling out of talks. it describes international silence over the destruction of aleppo. on friday, rocket attacks killed at least 29 people there and left other people trapped. >> people in the villages scrambled to pull this child from under a rubble after an airstrike. the essence he said is tired of the worlds in in action against bashar al-assad's government. -- the snc said it is tired of the world's in action against bashar al-assad's government. where the world stands on the conflict
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
military installation. >> aleppo is seen as a major prize in a civil war that is tearing the country apart. for those who have not fled, just the basics in daily life are a major challenge. >> basic goods such as meat, fuel, cigarettes, and would are being sold out in the open on the streets of aleppo. the covered markets have become too dangerous because they are the targets of frequent attacks. the front runs straight through the city. snipers shoot almost daily from the government-controlled side. demonstrators still gather at designated meeting points every friday to demand the removal of president assad. this week, they are also criticizing the opposition free syrian army, saying the fighters need to step up their battle to free the entire country. the protesters could not always speak their minds so freely. regime troops regularly launched counter offensives against the rebels, firing bombs and shells. only 600 people live here. before the war, it was 400,000. he tries to prevent the spread of disease by clearing the streets with the help of some friends. then the free syrian army do
Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm PST
reportedly killed at least 20 people. the mortars exploded, killing one of the players. the city of aleppo has seen some of the most intense fighting. conway filed this report. >> the night sky troubles with the sound of war, -- trembles with the sound of war. thousands have lost their lives. as the fighting spreads, many parts of syria and now look like this. rebel fighters have made any gains in the north. towns, military bases, air fields. they have the misfortune of lying beside their necks and biggest target so far. aleppo region and now they're next biggest target so far, aleppo airport. -- they have the misfortune of being beside the next biggest target so far, aleppo airport. >> this is now a key strategic target for the rebels. if they take this, not only will it have been a strategic success also an important symbolic victory. >> controlling the airport means wiping out the army. it could deal a blow to their morale and would be a major boost to us as well as giving a great military who assets. >> civilians pay the highest price for this ambition. a battle for their future that m
Feb 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
've taken control of the al jarrah air base near the northern city of aleppo. they say they've captured fighter jets and a large number of weapons. they say some of the planes appear to be in working order. rebels seized syria's largest dam on monday. they've been launching attacks on aleppo's international airport. government troops have responded with air strikes on aleppo and the capital damascus. opposition activists say more than 50 people died in the latest fighting. >>> a man has attacked people in the u.s. pacific territory of guam with a knife. local police say he killed two people and he wounded at least 12 other people, 11 of them japanese. the man reportedly slammed his car into a shop in the busy tourist district of tumon. then he started attacking people. hospital officials say the two dead were japanese women. they say the wounded include an 8-month-old baby and a 3-year-old child. fire officials say three people died. police say they've detained a 21-year-old american resident of guam. >>> japanese exporters and stock investors have seen the decline of the yen and have c
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
are making important strides. it provides electricity to aleppo and other northern cities. the rebels have surrounded a aleppo airport and other places around the country. they launched a major attack. they are vowing to liberate the capital damascus. they are worried civil war may be spilling across the border. it killed 12 people and damaged vehicles taking aid supplies to syria. >>> european authorities are investigating several firms in connection with a meat labeling scandal. food safety regulators are looking into the possibility someone deliberately switched beef for horse meat because it's cheaper to produce. officials in britain and ireland studied frozen lasagnes and hamburgers sold this year in supermarkets. the british regulators found 60% of the meat used in lasagne was from horses, but the products were labeled as 100% beef. they recalled them after tests confirmed they contained horse meat. a french company produced the lasagnes using meat from romaine yann slaughter houses. they want those responsible for selling horse meat as beef to face harsh punishment. >>> it's not onl
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am PST
since the syrian jet destroyed two buildings in a rebel-controlled area of aleppo city. they are sifting through the rubble of what was once their homes. many have already died. so much has been destroyed. that is why the opposition leader says he proposed talks with the government, but there are some people, even those who escaped death, who are not interested. >> we don't want talks with the killer or against us. if negotiations start, we will stand against it. >> it is a view shared by many of those who have been fighting this war. for these men, mo about fatigue -- more about fatigue -- moaz al-khatib had no right, unless bashar al-assad step down first. >> we have a message to moaz al- khatib. let him come and talk to the mothers of these children. >> we don't recognize anyone apart from the fighters on the ground. our victory will come from god. >> clearly, the rebels have made gains, but they are far from winning. it seems international and regional powers are moving away from the military option. so far, neither side is winning this war. that is clear in aleppo. since the fight f
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
strikes in the northern province of aleppo last week, killing more than 141 people, including 71 children. the group said it had visited four attack sites, three of them in the city of aleppo, and all of them in residential neighborhoods freed the human rights watch united nations director describe the damage. >> using incredibly powerful ballistic missiles in cities, the four strikes have hit aleppo last week obliterated entire parts of neighborhoods. we have no sign their work any military targets in these areas. even third the government is deliberately targeting citizens or complete disregard for the lack of its own citizens. >> john brennan continues to face hurdles toward confirmation before the full senate. republican senator rand paul has announced he will pull a hold on akin's nomination until brennan and the white house can answer whether the government's assassination program can target americans on u.s. soil. senator paul discussed his demand on fox news. >> we're talking about someone eating in a cafe in boston or new york and a hellfire missile comes reining in on them, ther
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
with a rich heritage and you see, you see the destruction of places like aleppo and the covered market in aleppo which has been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. the country is just being torn apart and the responsibility rests with assad. >> but the same time because of the way that has unfolded over time, they're more and more groups flowing in to participate in that war against him who are not necessarily friends of the united states. and in fact in someases are n. >> andhis habeen one o the ings, one of the principal things that the united states has been deeply concerned about from the outset, it is what we've laid out to the russian, for example, from the outset here. you asked about the head of the syrian opposition council. >> right. >> he indicated that he would be willing to meet with representatives of the government in order to try to find a political way forward. the position of the united states is that we seek an end to the violence and we seek a political transition in syria, among syrians. where thepposition andhe government transition to an interim government
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
city a -- the city aleppo. the farmer and his children fled three weeks ago from the advancing syrian army. none of them wants to give their names. >> look at this -- we had just got everything set up. but then the floods came and destroyed everything. we lost it all. we were promised a stove and a tent, but so far, no aid has come. >> initially, the united nations was providing aid to the unofficial camp, but no supplies have arrived for two weeks. more than 150 syrians are forced to live here. they need everything -- clothes and shoes for the children, food, mattresses, blankets. most of them had to buy their tents themselves, and even have to pay rent to pitch the tents. apart from one tank of drinking water, there is no sanitation. >> we eat bread and drink tea. sometimes, we buy flour and egg bread. we do not have anything anymore. sometimes we go hungry. sometimes not. we lost my daughter's pants in the flood. she needs new pants, but where am i supposed to get them? >> sometimes, local construction workers bring the refugees a truckload of building rubble. they sift through it
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
the aftermath of a helicopter assaults on aleppo. 20 were killed. this is just one many incidents of war crimes documented in the civil conflict. murder, torture, and rape becoming commonplace in a war becoming more chaotic by the day. this is the conclusion of the u.n. commission of inquiry on syria whose findings were presented. it says that the civilian population is bearing the brunt of the widening violence. >> there is a food shortage, especially bread. bakeries have been attacked. there is a need for water. hospitals have been bombed. >> experts have found a war crimes committed by both sides. they say the rebels are using child soldiers while government crew -- troops are guilty of more. >> now is time for the international criminal court to get involved. there needs to be a formal inquiry. there are no indictments to be made. >> investigators say the house a list of suspected war criminals but without a decision by the u.n. security council, they cannot bring them to justice. >> for more now we go to our european correspondent in brussels. we asked her if the eu is prepared to back the
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
attack on aleppo. around two dozen more are still missing. women and children are said to be among the victims. in the capital damascus, three mortar bombs landed in the presidential palace. no casualties were reported. bamut turkish police have launched a nationwide raid on suspected members of a militant leftist group. they claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing outside the u.s. embassy early this month. after the break, the problems of cross-border love in the eu. >> and goal line technology finally upon us. stay with us. >> welcome back. being a citizen of an eu member countries has brought many new rights and benefits, such as the right to free movement within the trading bloc and the right to work in any other member country, but exercising those rights is still sometimes a little more complicated than one would expect. >> today in brussels, the eu prominent commissioner discussing every day hurdles that many citizens face in the you. they will be looking a practical solutions, especially when it comes to the right of free movement. >> with 2013 officially declared as t
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> allah akbar! >> this video reports to show a syrian helicopter shot down near aleppo. for the rebels, it was a small triumph, another blow at the regime's power. fighting raged through the weekend and claiming dozens of lives sunday and monday as well, there were reports of fresh bottles in the country, damascus as well. the syrian foreign minister travel to moscow to meet with russian counterparts. they said the regime was willing to enter discussions with rebel groups. that is the first time the government has made such an offer. >> we are ready for a dialogue with anyone who was willing, even with those who carry arms. we are confident that reforms will come about, not through bloodshed, but through dialogue. >> however, a spokesman said assaad would have to step down before any talks could take place. in cairo, the president of the political opposition, the syrian national coalition said they plan to boycott a conference organized by the friends of syria next week. the coalition says previous conferences have been counterproductive. there is a guarded optimism as summit took hope
Feb 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
outguns the rebels. raining scuds on to civilians in aleppo on friday. with russia arming assad, rebel leaders threatened to boycott a team meeting with kerry later this week to protest the u.s. and europe's refusal to arm them. >> at this stage, isn't it time to revisit that policy? >> with a new secretary of state at a beginning moment of the second term of president obama, when he himself has expressed concerns about it, this moment is ripe for us to be considering what more we can do. >> reporter: as a senator, kerry said military aid should be considered. and hillary clinton and leon panetta both recommended arming and training some rebel units. but president obama rejected that proposal last year. fearing weapons would get into the hands of al qaeda supporters. but today, facing rebel pressure, kerry hinted at a policy shift. >> we are determined that the syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind, wondering where the support is or if it's coming. >> reporter: before leaving london, kerry called a key opposition leader and talked him into showing up for the meeting
Feb 24, 2013 5:30pm PST
this week near aleppo are questioning the value of having their leaders attend fancy international conferences. as kerry arrived in london tonight, state department off officials were telling the syrian opposition this would be their best chance to make a direct case to the secretary of state. also on kerry's agenda here, intense talks about what to do about iran. lester? >> andrea, thank you. >>> this was a bittersweet day at the vatican as pope benedict xvi made his final sunday appearance as the church faced new allegations of wrongdoing. nbc's anne thompson is at the vatican for us again tonight. anne, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. today's events, you can see both the strengths and weaknesses of the catholic church, the exuberant energy and faith in the massive crowd gathered here, and the new charges of abuse that continue to haunt this institution. today, the world came to st. peter's square for pope benedict's final sunday blessing. part pep rally. part prayer service. just being in the crowd of 1,000 was a learning experience for these american students.
Feb 25, 2013 2:30am PST
forces moved on a government complex and a police academy near the northern city of aleppo. >>> meanwhile back here at home, officials on the state level are trying to prepare for those across the board spending cuts that are set to kick in friday. the se quest ration would slash $85 billion from the budget. president obama will meet with the nation's governors at the white house today after the administration rolled out new details over the weekend describing what impact the cuts will have all across the can country. effects include tens of thousands of jobs lost, fewer resources for education and the environment. some say that the white house is more interested in scaring people than finding a solution. >> senator coburn, is the president exaggerating the impact of these cuts? >> absolutely. it's a terrible way to cut spending. i don't disagree with that. but, to not cut 2.5% out of the total budget over a year where it's twice the size it was ten years ago, give me a break. >> for members of the president's cabinet however, the sequester means big changes in areas that can least afford
Feb 9, 2013 2:00pm PST
all the time. but when we take the airport, they will lose control of aleppo. >> cutting the supply lines could give the rebels the upper hand for now, at least. >> hurricane force winds and blizzards are sweeping through the northeast of united states. four people have reportedly been killed by the storm. 60 centimeters of snow have been dumped on new england, mucking up our two homes and businesses. -- power to homes and businese ses. >> new england woke up under a thick plank of snow. in connecticut, workers had to shovel to make way for the plows. the streets of boston were empty, except for the emergency crews charged with getting the city moving again. along the coast, waves came ashore, washington oceanfront decks out to see and prompting evacuations. hundreds of thousands are without power throughout the region. getting around by car or by foot is no easy task. the suburbs of new york were also buried. >> it's horrible. hopefully it will be 50 degrees on monday and we will get it melting. >> plenty of work for the tow trucks, too. up to 100 cars were stranded overnight on th
Feb 12, 2013 5:30am PST
say they have captured an airfield in aleppo. these pictures are reportedly from the military airfield. rebels captured 40 soldiers at the base and are now in control of the airplanes and the weapons as well as the base. a court in israel is due to hand down a ruling on the construction of a separate action wall in a pristine valley in the west bank. lawyers representing palestinian land owner say that if the wall is built, the people will lose their land and the confervent will be surrounded. >> in this valley, there is thick vegetation and olive trees. it's one of the last remaining areas of nature close to bethlehem. the owners are regarded as a special place. >> it means family. it means history. it means homeland. >> if a wall is built, a large part of the valley will be annexed by israel. the palestinians who own the land will not able to willit. the proposed route of the separation wall would put one part of his land on one side and the other part on the other. 58 families would be cut off. >> i think this is the intention for the israelis, to neglect the land. >> there's also c
Feb 14, 2013 5:30am PST
control of the military air base on tuesday - in aleppo. an iranian official has reportedly been killed in syria as he traveled by road to 11 on. the iranian embassy in lebanon says that he was killed by rebels a few kilometers from the lebanese border. let's go to our correspondent in beirut. what were the circumstances of the death of this iranian? gretzky's a high commander in the iranian revolutionary guard forces. he was killed in syria yesterday around noon. the news came out late last night. the iranian embassy announced in a statement that he was killed on his way to beirut. we don't know exactly what he was doing in syria. he's very famous in lebanon. he spent most of the last six years here. he was in charge of iranian efforts to reconstruct what ever israel had demolished and destroyed in the 2006 war. it's a huge project. about $1 billion have been spent from 2006 to 2010. this man was known as the engineer. he was in charge of the council that was calling -- channeling all the money, overseeing all the construction projects in southern lebanon. many lebanese will see this a
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
is an east of aleppo. fighting around the site has left 150 people dead over the last two days. this amateur video is said to show more air strikes in the capital damascus. these pictures, which we cannot verify, or reportedly shot. tens of thousands of people in bahrain have rallied on the second anniversary of anti- government protests. crowds marched along a main highway near the capital calling for reform. a teenager and a security official were killed during demonstrations on thursday. egyptian police have fired teargas and anti-government protesters in the capital cairo. opponents of the president fought police outside one of his palaces. supporters took part in a separate rally in the city. israeli police have battled with palestinian protesters outside a prison in the occupy west bank. more than 100 demonstrators were injured. they're demanding the release of political prisoners. nickel johnston reports. >> there were a few minutes of quiet prayer in front of the israeli military base. as soon as the presented, the fighting started. -- as soon as the prayers ended, the fighting start
Feb 19, 2013 5:30am PST
sanctions more. >> in syria, 45 people have been killed these tough aleppo and an aerial strike, the bombardment to strengthen buildings. now this report. searching forill people under these plants and flattened homes. their hope is that they have survived. many have died. this man says women and children have been killed here, too. he's asking where are the arab people? people here say it came from the skies around 11:30 monday night. the extent of the damaged exemplified by the size of the missiles. the injured were rushed to a makeshift clinic. "god will show his vengeance against the oppressors. will get you." >> the top stories. the first day of a bail hearing for the south african athletes oscar pistorius. the prosecution said he got up from bed, put on his prosthetic legs, and walked to the bathroom door and shots through impact at his girlfriend. reeva steenkamp's funeral is taking place in port elizabeth. the friends and family gathered for a private ceremony. nine people reportedly killed after a military helicopter crashed in yemen in the heart of the capital sanaa. i
Feb 24, 2013 5:30am PST
fighting between rebels and pro- government forces on the streets of aleppo. we cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but the opposition says the government forces are destroying what they call a historical and cultural city. >> we have delayed our review and been disappointed by the absolute silence of the regime. we also expressed condemnation and surprise at the international silence. the regime is moving into ethnic cleansing. this is not a military target. the regime is destroying a historic and cultural city. >> karachi is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world. more than two dozen people have been killed there in sectarian and political attacks over the last year. >> in one of the most dangerous cities of pakistan, this is its most dangerous neighborhood. affectively a city within a city, complete with official security. on the surface these young men look like they are catching up with friends. but this is an intelligence service. they keep up with all movement and if they sensed danger, they reach for their guns. strangers are generally
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
. >> in syria, the victims of the latest massacre at aleppo have been buried. syria is breaking up before everyone's eyes according to the u.s. peace envoy. with 60,000 dead already, there are renewed fears about what could happen to the regime's advance arsenal, which includes chemical weapons, and how that would affect the whole middle east. >> breaking up before everyone's eyes. i spoke a short time ago with the washington bureau chief al arabia. how serious are these threats from iran and syria? >> i think it is mostly buster. bashar al-assad is not in a position to retaliate. his resources are focused toward the domestic rebellion. >> how about iran? >> iran is in no position to retaliate without dragging the whole region into war. they have serious economic problems. they have a crisis in side of the country. they would not be in a position to attack israel. this is bluster. >> how do you read the strikes that the israelis conducted against this target? is israel taking advantage of the unrest to do it needs to do? do they feel nervous about what's happening inside of syria? >> this
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am EST
. where are you from? >> syria. >> syria? where are you from and syria? >> aleppo. >> because of the war? what about this guy? where are you from? >> algeria. >> how long have you been here? eight or nine months. where do you want to get to? >> the men who sleep. -- sleep here timetable byry heart. the police raid almost every night. it is nearly time for that moment now, so it is time to leave. every migrant has a different story. muhammed is a berber with the degree. he left a mark -- morocco because he wants to live a secular life style there and claims he cannot. it took 4.5 hours of flying from the morocco to turkey. from turkey, he made four attempts to cross the river into northern greece. >> there were me and some afghans in about. after 10 minutes, the boat capsized. we had to swim for it. >> the boat turned over? not of the afghans could swim and they drowned. >> we have no way of verifying that claim. now, he is in limbo. his asylum claim entitled him to stay in greece. -- for one organization us to help people. only give one appointment per week. we have a list of hundreds of
Feb 24, 2013 11:10pm EST
of a bakery near aleppo. syrian controls on the media make it impossible for nbc news to verify the authenticity of the clips. >>> pope benedict says he'll continue to serve the church after he steps down from his post later this week. the 85-year-old pontiff told an estimated 100,000 people in st. pete's square today that god called him to a life of prayer and meditation. washington's archbishop will be at the vatican for the pope's final week. he left for rome today. after presiding over a mass of thanksgiving for benedict's papacy. he's part of the conclave selecting the next pope. at mass, he spoke about the need for a pontiff to function in modern times. >> the office is also exercised today in an age of instantaneous communication, where social media dominate how we relate to one another and therefore how the voice of peter must be articulated if it's to be heard. >> once in rome, he will meet with the pope and he and the other members of the conclave will start the process of choosing his successor. >>> turning to the weather now. a spring-like day to wrap up the weekend.
Feb 20, 2013 1:00am PST
yourself. buy a shotgun. >>> syrian government forces fired a scud missile in a neighborhood in aleppo killing 50 people and obliterating seven buildings. the assad government has fired seven missiles into aleppo since friday. >>> clive davis reveals that he's bisexual. he was married twice and has adult children, but the 80-year-old davis says he's been involved with a man for the past seven years. not everyone welcoming this memoir. kelly clarkson, the pop superstar, very upset with some of the things he's had to say about her in the book. >> a lot of people will be reading this book. thanks very much for that. >>> up next, a follow-up to our investigation into the possible mistreatment of u.s. veterans. contaminated water and multiple cases of legionnaires disease. the cdc looked into the outbreak. what they discovered. we're keeping them honest. >>> witnesses say this little boy was slapped across the face by a stranger for crying on an airplane. that stranger now faces charges after turning himself in to police. the 360 follow, that's ahead. >>> an online dating horror story. a ma
Feb 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
of the airports, rebels say began tuesday. to aleppo's east, kweiris airport, north is menneg, besieged for week and southeast is nairab, also encircled by rebels. the aim, to deny the regime place as to land fighter jets and supplies in the north. that would be a major victory for rebels. the stranglehold around the regime haze downside. it's use of horrifying fire power. this unusually large crater near aleppo rebels say caused by a scud missile fired by the south. rebels caught on tape what one of these ballistic missiles can do. the more the regime feels threatened many fear the more it will respond with savage force. nick paton beirut. >> in iraq a series of car bomb attacks killed people in shi'ite neighborhoods in baghdad. police discovered additional car bombs before they explode. there was no immediate claim of responsibility, but they are thought to be the work of sunni extremists. this are concerns that sunni extremists may step up attacks ahead of provincial elections. >>> in pakistan shi'ite muslims talk to the streets to call on the government to do more to protect them from secta
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm EST
decentralized result in a conflict, you really do want to know 100 people in aleppo. you don't want to go down in a suit of damascus and hope some later jumps on. so this is the kind of foundation building that you have to undertake and that we've done. >> could you tell us something more specific about how you're actually doing not? do you know 100 people in aleppo? you've got a team of 200. are you able to get people on the ground, work with others? >> syria is a really good challenge because you have to work out of a third country, which has its sound very distinct feelings about what is going on inside his syria and what it might mean to them. up until the last two weeks we were to exclusively in turkey and now he started to work in jordan as well. that happens to be, not that the internal bureaucratic said that important, but that happens to be too geographic bureaus and different sets of ambassadors. so again, i don't want to overstate the sensitivity of that, but that's part of what we have to do. so the answer is yes. we do know 100 people in aleppo, but all of them have had to come ac
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
into aleppo killing at least 50 people and obliterating seven buildings. a u.s. official says the assad government has fired at least eight missiles into aleppo since friday. >>> and, wolf in his new memoir music industry giant clive davis reveals he's bisexual. he said he's been involved with a man for the past seven years. not everyone welcoming this memoir. kelly clarkson, the pop superstar, very upset with some of the things he had to say about her in the book. >> li >> a lot of people sure to be reading this book. >>> coming up, contaminated water and multiple cases of legionnaires' disease at one va hospital including five deaths. the cdc looked into the outbreak. what they discovered. we're keeping them honest. >>> witnesses say this little boy was slapped across the face by a stranger for crying on an airplane. that stranger now faces charges after turning himself into police. the "360" follow. that's ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪ starting at $37,
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